Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dog Blogs About Life, Rectal State

Longmont, COLORADO—The communications craze has officially hit the pet world, with the internet savvy among us establishing blogs for their dogs, cats, and even parakeets. One blog, for a dog-blogger known only as “Nibbles,” promises to keep the world abreast of his “life, thoughts, opinions, epiphanies, and rectal condition—24/7.”

An excerpt from a Nibbles post alerts readers that “I am feeling great today, outside doing the walk thing. Fur feels good, just got some baguette a while ago. Rectum is dilated to 1.4 centimeters.”

Why the world would want to know about such things is hard to comprehend, but Nibbles’s entries shed light on a complex web of messages sent and received via what pets are calling the “blockosphere.” Previous Nibbles posts, for instance, respond to other “blockers,” such as the March 21 rant: “Shouts out to Bailey…you smell a little dehydrated, my man. Also, my rectum is tight as a drum, but a little itchy. Pass it on.”

The cultural repercussions of pet blogging remain unclear: will it surge into the mainstream, or fade like the potbelly-pig fetish and other pet-related fads? One thing is clear, however, here and across the nation: pets are weighing in en masse.

According to Nibbles’s August 10 posting, for instance, “This is great. Fucking great! Saw a squirrel! This is awesome. Right over there, he ran up a tree and there he goes, little shit. Oh, and I need some grass, chewy grass. My rectum is ready to rock, anal sacs recently expressed. I love hot dogs!”

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