Friday, August 22, 2008

Guy from Marketing Not Saying, Just Saying

West Des Moines, Iowa—A marketing manager in the offices of Digital Micro Systems, Inc., was reported to be not saying, just saying today. The alleged not speaking, just speaking occurred during the morning “bull rounds” taken by the manager, Bill Hutchinson, most every Friday morning.

Laura Jensen, an analyst in the company’s finance department, described Hutchinson as a “likeable guy” and “pretty good at what he does, I guess.” But the alleged simultaneous saying and not saying left her and other coworkers both baffled and concerned. “I’m confused,” Jensen said, “did he say something or not?”

The incident came during a discussion the restaurant chain Redstone Grill, which has a location in Minneapolis, but not yet in Des Moines. Hutchinson, according to witnesses, alleged that he'd been to the Minneapolis Redstone and that there was a lot more going on there than just eating. “It's cougar city in there,” he said, before adding that he was not saying that at all.

Continuing on to say that he “liked to party as much as anyone,” Hutchinson furthered the confusion by alleging that Cindy Beckfeld, of Digital Micro System’s communications department, “would just love love love a Redstone to come to Des Moines.” Hutchinson went on to not say that, and then say it again.

Before the morning bull round was over, Hutchinson went on to assert and demure on at least five other topics, including that the company was getting stingy on expense reports, that he could sure use some coffee, and that the day before there had been a foul odor left in the employee lounge after programmer Eddie Padrahani microwaved his lunch. To this last unstated statement he added, cryptically, “But seriously I’m just kidding.” 

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