Friday, August 29, 2008

Bromance Consummated with Brojob

Austin, TEXAS—A long-simmering relationship between two bros in this free-wheeling Texas college town was finally consummated, sources close to the bros reported. The consummation occurred sometime around 11:40 yesterday evening, after a Shins concert.

The bros, web designer Carson Macintosh, 31, and musician Ben Smits, 27, were not available for comment. Mutual friend Jessica Connors, however, confirmed that the two had been hanging out for some time now, drawn to each other by a friendly, affectionate bond that Connors called “cute.” “But they’re not gay,” Connors added. “Ben has a girlfriend. It’s just fun.”

The bros, shown above on their way to the Shins concert, allegedly decided to consummate things after an intense discussion of life, past struggles with relationships, and Quentin Tarantino films. The resulting brojob took place in Macintosh’s Audi.

Speculation was flying Saturday that the pair might move in together while Smits’s long-time girlfriend, Tina Ahlers, travels to Poland on a Fullbright scholarship. Macintosh needs a place to stay, it was reported, and “that’s what bros are for,” according to a source who wished to remain anonymous on account of his own previous consummation with one of the bros.

Connors was dubious about the moving-in rumor, however. “Ben’s pretty messy,” she said, “and Carson’s a vegetarian.”

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