Thursday, August 14, 2008

Drag Queen Wishes to Be Excused from Jerry Springer Show

Chicago, Illinois—A frustrated guest of the Jerry Springer television show repeatedly requested to be excused from the show’s filming today, it was reported. Saying “Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me!” over and over during the show’s contentious debate on “Drag Queens of Water Sport,” the guest made clear she was not being allowed to be excused.

Showing obvious distress, the female impersonator, Miss Deeds, reiterated her request whenever one of the show’s other guests attempted to speak. The disgruntled Deeds modulated her intonation and syllabic stresses in an attempt to underscore how much she actually did indeed wish to be excused.

At times Ms. Deeds seemed overcome with exhaustion. “Excuse me?” she wondered at one such time, before returning to her original resolve when another guest attempted to speak to her. “Excuse me.”

Holding one finger up and waving her hand in her fellow guests’ face, even the show’s battle-hardened host couldn’t get the guest to feel comfortable on the show. “If we could just—” Mr. Springer was quoted as saying, before the guest repeated her request four times.

Audience reaction ranged from strenuous whooping to sympathy. “Why don’t they excuse her?” wondered Patsy Finkle, of Merriam Park, Kansas. “Maybe she has to use the bathroom.”

When one of the show’s producers told her he had done everything he could to excuse her and asked her to please sit down so they could resume filming, Ms. Deeds replied that “No [he] didn’t.”

As of post time, Newsmaker News has not learned if the guest has in fact been excused. Stay tuned for more on this breaking story.

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