Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Clinton Reiterates Support for ‘The Big O’

DENVER—Hillary Clinton addressed her supporters today, releasing them from the responsibility to vote for her in the presidential nomination process and endorsing Senator Obama. While her support for Senator Obama was widely expected, especially after her full-throated endorsement Tuesday night, her rationale is raising some eyebrows.

“Friends,” Clinton said in her short remarks, “ladies! I need to have my O!” Explaining that the November election was a choice between sexist old man and sexist youngish man, Senator Clinton reiterated her stance that the sexist youngish man gives a better O. After all, she said, she’s been married to one, so she knows that youngish men who degrade and humiliate you and make you cry—these are the ones who make things happen. “This is my position,” Clinton said, “and it’s the best one to get the O.”

In a lighthearted moment, the upbeat, vibrant Clinton joked that while they call Senator Obama “the One,” she didn’t want to settle for just one O. Rather, there should be multiple Os. “We should get our O over the next 8 years!”

To much cheering and whooping from her supporters, Mrs. Clinton concluded that while Senator McCain is a colleague and friend, he was in no shape to give the O. “Just look at him. No one wants old O.”

Whether Mrs. Clinton’s supporters will heed her advice and take similar positions to get the O remains to be seen. A divisive roll call process might undermine the convention and crack the Democrats’ appearance of unity. Political analysts have noted, however, that division and bickering isn’t necessarily harmful long-term to the party, and might in fact lead to a powerful “make-up O” come November.

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