Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Area Freelance Copywriter Passionate About Branding, Check Cashing

Chicago, ILLINOIS—It was reported today that local freelance Chad Ferrier, 32, was gaining both acclaim and notoriety at advertising agencies across this city for his equal passions of copywriting and check cashing. Many clients of the one-time Senior Copywriter at RR Donnelley speak of him as  both “relentless in his pursuit of excellence for your brand” and “a guy you can count on to cash your check the day he gets it in the mail.”

The attention is generating industry buzz. Yet it’s also causing Ferrier, shown at left engrossed in his work, a fair amount of distress, sources close to the advertising superstar are saying. “His home life is suffering,” said Paulette Wilson, account supervisor for Killian and Company and someone close to Ferrier. “He’s always either honing copy, or headed to the bank.”

Ferrier is known for his insightful, market-savvy, and creative approach to copywriting and as the rare find in a freelancer—one who approaches the brands he is working on with the passion of an in-house writer. “He’s never satisfied with lackluster headlines or brand-shallow content,” said fellow freelancer Marc DuPont, a designer, “and he abhors direct deposit.”

Ferrier was quoted as saying only, “It’s what I do.”

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