Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nation’s Poor Children Awaiting Obama Relief Trucks

Chicago, ILLINOIS—Buoyed by the presidential election, millions of poor, disadvantaged, and hungry children are growing increasingly excited about the Obama relief effort surely underway to alleviate their suffering, aid groups who work with the urban poor said today. Children here in Obama’s hometown, as well as those in urban centers across the nation, are giddy from the election of a community organizer, an African-American, and a man whose family was once on food stamps. Though they admit that the giddiness could be from lack of nutrition, experts agree that the children are abuzz with news of food, aid, and opportunity.

“I heard Obama brought oatmeal and Kit Kats to Cabrini,” said Ricky Gates, 10, referring to the Chicago public housing Cabrini Green. “And the Kit Kats had golden tickets in them for everyone to go shopping for free!” Ricky, who lives in Chicago’s Southside, inferred it was only a matter of time before Obama got to him.

Another Chicago youth, Tyrel Amanadou, 11, declared that “ain’t no way” Senator Obama would get elected president and “not get us some help up in here.” Tyrel added that he was “still scared of Thug,” referring to a pit bull chained in the basement, and that he was  sure Obama would do something about that situation too.

Marta Fairhouser, director of the Chicago food shelf First Resort, said she shares the children’s excitement. “Obama in the White House and children still going without? It’s unthinkable.” Fairhouser did acknowledge the children’s zeal might be premature. “It just might not come until inauguration day,” she said, “but the relief trucks are probably being stocked ahead of time so that on Jan 20, it’s go time.”

As for little Tyrel, he has big plans for himself that include “being president of something,” as soon as he gets himself a drug-free home, a decent place to go to school, and a bullet proof vest. “But it all begins with Obama,” he concluded, sitting in a chair where he can look out the window, where he plans to stay until the trucks arrive.

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